Short film 30min / 10min/ PSA 4min

Produced, Written and Directed by Jeanette Mühlmann aka Sena


A trashed and crowded beach with stressed out city people is magically visited by a colorful “Healing Tribe”.

Without using words they create a clean circle. With ancient rhythms and dances they invite everybody to

participate and join the KEEP IT CLEAN Experience – and the whole beach crowd becomes part of this joyful transformation…”

Directors Statement

KEEP IT CLEAN – a short film for an important environmental and educational cause with the goal to

educate the people who leave their trash everywhere – in the short film “Keep it Clean” the “scene of crime” is the beach.

Trashing up our beautiful planet, our streets, parks, rivers, seas and beaches is a world wide mental sickness and carelessness;

but how can we point fingers at politicians and corporations if we ourselves unconsciously create the same mess every single day?

Trashing up the beaches is a world wide environmental problem.

We only have this small blue planet and if we make mistakes here and now in our own neighborhood – then on the long run

these mistakes will have a terrible impact somewhere else on our planet – because we are all connected.

My intention is to raise an international wave of awareness, so the public starts to keep their beaches clean.

We try to educate by leading an inspiring example; we inspire through skilled artistic expression.

People listen and learn best if they like what they see – then they will remember and imitate.

KEEP IT CLEAN will make people re-think and remember – and I hope that my vision will change their behaviors and attitudes.

Sometimes we do not need words to explain how we feel – Action speaks louder!


Featuring Amina Baraka, Joy Chatel, Funmilayo Chesney, Lydia Taranco, P. Obediah Wright,

Rimli Roy. Ngor Jallew, Khalil, Charles LaSalle, Ngoma, Tom Cintula, Carson Grant, Sam Josephson,

Paul John Skirbe,  Production Manager Prof.Virginia Brooks;

Cameras in Co-Operation with the Brooklyn College Dep. of Film

Anthony R.Ponzio, Greg Hess, Lukasz Rogalki, and Sena;

Casting and Costumes Sena; Music Arsene de Souza, Al MacDowell,Sena and Rahj,

Editing Richard Benenge ; Aditional Edit Stephen Bruckert

Still Photographers Guler Ugur and Carolyn Hoagland

Program Content and Package Artwork: © 2007 SENA PRODUCTIONS all rights reserved