Jeanette Mühlmann aka Sena

Published Author and Multi Media Artist, Member of ASCAP, NYWIFT , Writers Guild of America –

and last but not least: Fashion Designer

“Born with it” SENA designed costumes at an early age for the children plays she wrote and directed – performed by the kids from the neighborhood in Munich Germany where she grew up. As a teenager Sena started designing her own clothes and quickly became a trendsetter.

Stepping Stones:

LMU University Munich: studies of political and social sciences, journalism; followed by a profound acting career in German Theater, on stage and behind the scenes:  Co-Founder, Co- Director and Lead Actress of the legendary independent and awarded Theater Group  “Magic Flute” –  “Die Zauberflöte” – originated in Munich Germany (1980 -1987)

–  from Private Theaters to State Theaters to international tours and festivals all over German Speaking Europe;

– Translator of  plays from Tennessee Williams, Mark Medoff, John Osborne,  Joe Orton and Arthur Miller,

– Awarded Spoken Word Artist and Poetry Slam Winner)

Back then Jeanette Sena Mühlmann  also started as Costume Designer for all her own costumes in Theater, TV and Film – and  also for costumes of other actresses.  Sena studied her costume design craft “ learning by doing”.  She worked closely with skilled tailors of state and city theaters and started creating exceptional patterns that worked for the stage – garments on stage have to be much more durable and resistant than street or couture wear and have to fit meticulously well because of extreme movements and extreme wear and tear for as many as 300 plus performances.

1987 -1997

More Theater: Arthur Miller Love Stories, Joe Orton Entertaining Mr. Sloane, Tennessee Williams’  Cat on a hot tin roof – just  to name a few

Guest Actress in TV serials (Der Alte, Derrick, Tatort, Auf Achse, Loosberg etc – google it – it was nothing of spiritual significance, it paid the bills and gave freedom)


excessively starting to write poetry and short stories – which lead to

1992 first Poetry Performances with taped music background (Miles Davis and Prince) – nobody did that kind of stuff in Germany at that time which lead to


first published Book:

“Jeanette – Softly but Highly Dangerous I open Your Heart” is the artists first published Book of Poetry- it is in German and English (©1996 ISBN 3-9521062- 0 – 8) – at that time Sena is still using her European French name, given to her by her mother – why that is another peculiar story …

Critics claimed her book “not the sort of poetry you read at school, but profound observations, no sugar candies but powerful words about love, passion and pain; a mosaic of a very important feminine point of view”, “Jeanette’s poetry definitely is highly dangerous, and will softly open your heart … “(Intro, Music Magazine )

which lead to

Poetry and Multi Media Performances with life Music ( see Writings/Press Room)


Sena’s second visit to NYC made her stay – she came with a suitcase and  no strings attached – with a package of skills and visions being not only a well known Actress but also a Designer and  Dancer, Singer, Songwriter, Published Author and Multi Media Performance Artist in Germany.

But hey! This is NYC – and if you start with zero connections and you start from scratch you have to work double and triple than other people. With the help of a credit I started. And she was on a roll. Inspiration everywhere. If you get it, Doors open. Sena became a New Yorker. For ever and ever. Its in the heart.


Starting designing fashion by day and performing poetry by night, the prolific Spoken Word Artist and Winner of several Poetry Slams in Munich Germany made her name well known in NYC at Venues like The Nuyorican Poets Café, The Sugar Shack, Bar 13, St. Marks Poetry Project, The Knitting Factory, and in Brooklyn the Brooklyn Moon, to name a few. Guest reader in Universities and at Festivals, from Detroit to Kingston Jamaica, from Munich to Brooklyn people started recognizing her in the streets, some even remembering her poetry by heart…

April 2001

Sena’s first remarkable Fashion Show at “Madiba” in Brooklyn NY and the launch of the label SENA – with exotic Models from all over the world, some of them  poets and singers (Fisiwe and Tantra Zawaadi) – they walked over long wooden tables, accompanied by World Musicians (African Drums and electric Violin by Ngoma) and applauded by a huge crowd.

August 2001 – American Incorporation of Business: JM Human Relations Corp dBa SENA


Then 9/11 happened and challenging times were ahead: at a time where other Europeans left the USA for good, Sena started her business and opened shop at Orchard Street in the fashionable Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Also Sena started writing more and more political poems. She tested her work in performances all over the 5 NY boroughs; “name them I was there” – some of you might remember Sena’s 2002 MLK Poetry Slam-Performance in the Peabody Museum, where she was reading “Tribute to Martin Luther King”









2009 FASHION AWARD for SENA : Creative Design Award from Sofia Davis of Beauty Television & Entertainment (BTE) TV in New York City, Fashion on the Hudson.

2007 FILM AWARD: KEEP IT CLEAN – SENA PRODUCTIONS – Best Environmental Short Film from NYIIFVF – the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival

KEEP IT CLEAN is a 30 min short film written, produced, directed by Jeanette SENA Mühlmann aka SENA

with over 100 cast members (musicians, dancers, actors/actresses) –

Costumes designed and produced by Jeanette SENA Mühlmann aka SENA for Sena-Collection.

KEEP IT CLEAN an educational dance film about not trashing the beaches



Translation into German of Laurence Holder’s Theaterplay “MONK”

Dance performances with Fusha Dance Company –

(Dances from the Kongo, the cradle of the world)


“The Keyboard” Screenplay reading with Actors at the Red Harlem Reader Series


“Strictly Confidential” Screenplay – Finalist at Final Cut Pro



First Screening KEEP IT CLEAN July 25th 2007

at the NYC International Film and Video Festival NYIIFVF

(see also Awards and Store)

GEM Festival:  Finalist for screenplay “The Keyboard”

Playing “Hanna” in Laurence Holder’s theater play “The Crooner” –

(World Premiere at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, NYC)


Sena’s song “Freiwillig” from her CD “Natural High” is nominated for the America Underground Idol awards.

It is a song promoting and inspiring a live without drugs.


“KEEP IT CLEAN” (Author, Director, Costume Designer, Producer)


NYC TV – MNN Channel 56 “Career Talk Live” a 1 ½ hour long interview with SENA


CD Release of  “Natural High” (see store)

SENA “Natural High” nominated for Kweevak Music Awards

Sena also realized her idea to print a T-shirt, incorporating lines of her poem ”Peace is active, Peace is a Decision” –  (see store)

2002 – 2005

The International Society of Poetry – a STRANGE organization that gave Sena Several Awards for “outstanding work in poetry”


CD:  SENA Natural High – written and produced by Jeanette Mühlmann aka SENA (Music and Lyrics)


First Documentary: “The Man who was thrown out of the Concentration Camps”

Last Interview in NYC with Leo Glückselig-

survivor of the Holocaust in Vienna Austria and citizen of USA



2009 Fashion on the Hudson, NYC NY

2007 Brooklyn Fashion Weekend, Brooklyn NY – 2 shows – in Spring and Autumn

2006 Urban Fashion Week, NYC, NY

2004 Caribbean Fashion Week, Kingston Jamaica

2003 Urban Fashion Week, NYC,New York

2002 Brides of the World, Dubai UAE

2001 Launch of SENA-Collection and first Fashion Show at the world famous MADIBA in Brooklyn NY