Excerpt from the Translation:

” Oh my God, these Readings!  Again someone sits

Captured, Raptured and Drunken by Senses – Literature as Experience

… Oh, all these Readings!

Someone sits at a table in front of a glass of water, presents his new book, and afterwards are all these questions about the deeper meaning. Right?

Something totally different can happen.

Something between Saw-tooth and Sinus that slowly transforms into the stomping of a locomotive, into the Rhythm of Lovemaking, accompanied by  screams of lust, screams of kids, seagulls and orgiastic explosions – these are just some licks of  “Sushumna” , a Project by Jeanette Mühlmann, that will undulate as  “Music Performance of the different kind” through Die Reithalle Munich on Nov 28. And this Performance on the other hand is just one part of Jeanette’s Synthesis of Universal Marketing, a Strategy that realises the old romantic Ideal: the fusion of  Art and Life in a way only today’s Multimedia World can create. The press release reads:” The Poetry and Writings of Actress, Dancer and Author Jeanette inspired Composer and Guitarist Landy to transform her Poems into Music, in Co Operation with Jeanette.”

These poems naturally also exist in form of a book, naturally not as a poor little booklet or chap book, but as a mighty art print, the title with Jeanette’s signature in golden folio; inside 25 black-and white photos, showing the author with or without veils, some pictures show artistic artsy and tasteful nudity, with and without unicorns.

The Deluxe edition ….was presented with big success in Germany at the Frankfurt Book Fair .

Thomas C. Becker , Kultur!news  (Munich – Hamburg – Berlin/Germany)