Close your eyes,
Imagine being blind,
Not knowing the color of skin I’m in –
What would hold you from inside?

Close your eyes,
Imagine you are blind,
Would you know who is false, who is true?
Would you?

Would you listen to intuition?
Trust your inner vision?
Bypass competition?
Stick with your decision?

In World War Two
Everyone who
Wanted to join the resistance
Had to meet a man who
Made everyone loose distance:
To pass the test of honesty, he
Was the key, the
One to find out
If someone was real
Or a spy…

He never failed
He saw every lie
And his eyes
Were blind…

© Jeanette Sena Mühlmann
Brooklyn NY, Feb 2001
Written after being treated like an enemy in an all black poetry spot/restaurant
only because I seemed to have a “white” skin … outside …