Greetings, dear Dr. Martin Luther King,
greetings from deep within!
I do remember when you spoke about your dream
of Justice, Brotherhood and Freedom
for every shade of skin we’re living in;
but still too many people act lukewarm,
without a standpoint, hanging in between;
not knowing that every „look away“, every “nothing to say “ does harm
cause in pretending not to see they do agree…
Shall we forgive them cause they do not know?
Is that so?

You, Dr. Martin Luther King, you spoke about Dignity,
Equality, Worth and Respect;
Your dream by now should be a living fact,
by now we all should care for one another, share and act
because we all come from one root
and our root comes from one single tree,
on this blue planet we should act like one big family,
that’s how it’s meant to be, Love is the only key,
but obviously this still is news, that’s what I daily see!

It is a misery that people not yet understood:
every child should get a start in Peace and Love,
should have a colorful, a playful childhood,
untouched by fear, with an unbroken spine,
knowing their parents and their teachers
spread always their Protection-Wing
so they can grow into a human hood divine;
by now all our children should be safe and sound,
your dream, dear Dr. Martin Luther King
by now should be the ground on which we put our foot!

Our children need a teaching that is soul food
cause every Education starts with imitation,
WE all should have an attitude of Joy and Animation,
WE have to show them not to fall into the trap of Mass-Manipulation,
OUR behaviour, OUR believe in God has to be strong
so that the weaker ones have us to lean on-
even if outside rules and regulations do us wrong,
WE are the living proof that we can get along!

And the solution to our problems WE must find,
we cannot wait on politicians who
most of the times are blind,
caught in material success and fame and play their ego game –
I see it all but do not waste my precious time to blame
cause with complaining everything stays just the same,
we have to focus on the aim!

Let’s not depend on lies, they’re lullabies,
No matter how nice their disguise;
let’s not submit to any unjust „law“ spitting white lies,
cuz as you said, dear Dr. Martin Luther King,
No one has to obey in-human “laws”;
in holy books nowhere is written such a thing!
Never accept cruel brutality ‘gainst any being!
It is our duty to break out of sin
in the wide open for every one to see
and even willingly accept the penalty
To rise the Conscience inside the community!

Every injustice will come into the light,
The biggest fight is deep inside so not to fight
I hardly raise my fist, I do not want a gun,
who needs to kill and to destroy is just a fool
and devil’s tool and toy!
The truth is powerful enough, the truth will do,
the truth survives, the truth no one can pursue –
the only thing that ignorance can do
is try to shut our mouth and shoot us down-

but even if they kill a man who speaks the truth like you,
dear Dr. Martin Luther King,
the Truth survives;
For every body they make die
New Souls raise high revealing the old lie!

A time will come for everyone to see
there is a Law, some call it Spirituality:
we are together woven in a network of mutuality,
we all together wear one single garment which is destiny,
whatever does affect one being on this planet directly
affects all others indirectly- no matter if they’re blind
or they can see …

One day also the blind, even the stubborn have to find:
whatever you do – one day it’s coming back to you!
There’s just one single root, one single tree,
there comes a time where all of us will see:
There is a cure, as shure as we all gonna die
Its called the Opening of the Third Eye,
when ev’ry misconception has an end,
when youth, health, name and fame will fade away
Truth still will stay…

Your dream, dear Dr. Martin Luther King is true
Be blessed, your light is always cutting through

© Jeanette Sena Mühlmann

Brooklyn NY January 14th 2001