Press Release


a stunning solution on how to keep the beaches clean.

In her Debut as Film Director Jeanette Sena Mühlmann aka Sena evokes in “Keep It Clean”

a colorful Healing Tribe who transforms a trashy beach with its nervous city people into a

place of celebration and unity.

The Co-Founder of the legendary German Theater Group “die Zauberflöte” (“the Magic Flute”)

is an experienced Stage and TV Actress, Author, Poet, Spoken Word performer with a published book,

and Singer/Songwriter with published CD.

“The reason why I wanted to make “KEEP IT CLEAN” was, I had enough from trying

to convince and educate people one on one – a movie can reach far more people than

any passionate speech in front of a few listeners.”

Sena loves the sea with all the creatures and mammals

and she loves pristine beaches – untouched by human carelessness.

Sena is a passionate swimmer. Every summer she encountered the same sad facts:

people trashing up beaches all over the world, unconscious of the deadly effects

on the animals and the water itself.

“Every summer I walk my little circle and clean up the trash of other people

before I sit down in the sand and enjoy the ocean –

for me wherever I set my foot is my home and my living room

and every step I make touches holy ground” Sena says.

And because the folks on the beaches did not follow her example

she called for help and all her artist friends came to create a bigger circle

with more impact: Artists from all walks of live came to Brooklyn’s Coney Island Beach

to help create her vision of clean beaches.

Choreographers like Funmilao Chesney ( Fusha Dance Company),

Obediah Wright ( Balance Dance NYC) , Lydia Taranco ( Dance for Peace) ,

Activists, Actors and Musicians came and with music and dance they involved the crowd

to actually stand up and help clean the beach, while dancing.

“I create strong images that stay in peoples hearts and if “KEEP IT CLEAN” can make a difference and gets people

to be more conscious then I fulfilled my goal” Sena smiles. Her audience definitely is on her side and we are all called to act.

With several awards Sena’s goal is to show “KEEP IT CLEAN” all over the world in schools, dance halls,

as a warm up before pop and rock concerts, during intermission of huge sport activities, in air planes going to beach resorts,

everywhere where huge crowds gather and wait for some action.

“The action is right here, in front of our eyes – we all can be part of it –  OH YES, WE CAN“KEEP IT CLEAN”.